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562 LIVE is The Beat of Long Beach, California! From lyrical Hip Hop and rhythmic R&B to dance-club hits, provocative Talk/News and even Sports, 562 LIVE is where urban listeners turn for entertainment, information and inspiration.
562 LIVE Radio was founded in 2019 broadcasting from beautiful Long Beach, California and plays a very broad mix of songs from the 1980s to the 2000s.
Programmed by real people, not an algorithm.
We have a larger and more varied playlist than most other commercial radio stations. While other radio stations have fewer than 500 songs, we have a playlist of over 3,000 songs!
We play more music, less commercials.
Most radio stations have on average 14-17 minutes of commercials per hour (with some having a whopping 30 minutes!) 562 LIVE plays on average only FIVE minutes of ads per hour!